rabbi_elan_adlerStudents of Rabbi Elan Adler know what a gem he is, and even his very name hints at this!

“Elan” is a tree in Hebrew, and “Adler” is an eagle in Yiddish. Rabbi, of course, is teacher.

Rabbi Elan is truly like a tree, whose roots go deep, is not swayed by temporary, temporal winds, and gives sweet fruit.
As an eagle, he keeps his eye protecting those he takes responsibility for (Rabbi Adler serves as the principal of a girl’s high school in Jerusalem) while soaring ever upward.

Here is a free sample of one of Rabbi Adler’s lessons about the Chapters of the Fathers, discussing exactly the chain of transmission of tradition from Sinai to our very day.

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    when I join the lessons when I am not able to excess the my computer will I be able to excess the lessons when I am able to in due time?
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