Watch the video as Bob O’Dell of Root Source discusses the Replacement Theology.

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4 thoughts on “Replacement Theology”

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    Barbara Jayne

    A kind and gentle teaching. Agreeing with replacement theology is agreeing with a lie, something opposed to God’s Word. I hope that this teaching helps people, who do agree with it, see that the harm caused by such belief is too great, even to themselves. May the Holy Spirit convict them, in their spirit.

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    Louise Brislane

    I have never envied the Jewish people their number one position. I prefer to be in number two place. My personal understanding is that once Abraham was chosen and given the promise that his descendants were chosen by God to be His special people. Satan set his eyes on destroying them as God had chosen them and so the OT is the story of a nation that was being targeted by Satan, then the rest of humanity took a back seat. Jesus came and died for ALL mankind. Go ye into all the world and make disciples of all nations. So we as number two are now being victimized by Satan. Look at the holocaust, first Jews and then Christians, then the rest of mankind were murdered. Think of the end times – Satan wants Jerusalem so he is trying to destroy the Jewish nation completely, then next he is trying to wipe out Christians and then he will deal with the rest of mankind so that the Father has no children made in his likeness to love. If Christians were number one, then he would set his eyes on us first, then target the Jewish nation then others. So why would you want to be number one target? It was certainly a well crafted talk and I agree with you but for me personally, I have never had a problem with God’s order. I couldn’t follow a God who turned his back on his first born and am happy being included in the family I pray regularly for my Jewish brothers and sisters…By the way I am the eldest in my family and would loved to have had an older brother as I hated being told that as the eldest I should have had more sense and I was leading the others astray. lol

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