I had always been fascinated by the lesser-known fact that the Azusa Street Revival in 1906 Los Angeles began on Passover night. That fact seeded some years ago in my heart and a few days ago it blossomed into a full-fledged talk that I gave Saturday night after Passover in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Christine Darg had invited me to speak at her event on the topic of revival. I was of course eager to explore this connection between Jubilee and Revival. I knew this talk would come from a Jewish perspective, but being a Christian talk it would obviously have to address the connection between Jesus and Passover. Gidon comments on the Christian aspect of that talk in a separate blog post here.

What happened ended up being something of an event rather than just a talk. Beyond just predicting that revival was coming this year, I felt the Lord wanted me to ask everyone to join with me to call it forth from Jerusalem. It still gives me chills to watch the end of this presentation and hear the shofars blowing while we prayed.

Because of the heavy historical content in that talk, I am also providing my notes with all the people, places and dates mentioned. Get the PDF file: A Call for Revival on Jubilee – 23Apr2016

The venue was Christ Church in the Old City of Jerusalem, the oldest protestant church in the Middle East. The acoustics in that building are not great for speaking, but they are tremendous for music.

After the event, I was reading some verses out of Isaiah 40 and I saw that 40:9 seemed to fit exactly what we had done. Not only were we in Jerusalem, we were actually on Mount Zion during this event.

Get yourselves up on a nigh mountain, O Zion, bearer of good news, Lift up your voice mightily, O Jerusalem, bearer of good news; Lift it up, do not fear. Say to the cities of Judah, “Here is your God!”  Isaiah 40:9

A few days later my wife and I went to Virginia Beach, Virginia to attend the Light 2016 conference to repent for the sins of the founding of America. This conference was particularly poignant for me, as a 12th generation descendant of one of the Jamestown Colonists. When I prayed that “I and my forefather have sinned” it was not just figurative, but literal. For more information on the sins of the original forefathers check out the book Healing America’s DNA by my friend and conference speaker Bob Fox.

One of our most dynamic speakers at the conference was Rick Curry, who millions of people have heard about, but may not know his name.  Rick is the man who had the famous dream that Dutch Sheets shared at AzusaNow on April 9th in Los Angeles. It is a dream about waves of generations of Americans coming into a giant tabernacle. It is probably the most famous prophetic dream in America.

Anyway, Rick who had this dream was a speaker at our conference.  Before the conference some of us and the speakers were out at Cape Henry, at the spot where the colonists first landed and committed themselves and America to God’s purposes. While there, Rick had another amazing encounter where three intercessors came to the very same spot because God told them to go there and find a man to whom they should give a message from God.

And what is this message that Rick heard? The message was about the flag! They had no idea he was connected to that flag!  I won’t spoil the surprise.  You can watch it for yourself in this very short clip here.

It was almost like God was answering the call for revival that we issued in Jerusalem 6 days before? God’s answer comes in the form of Isaiah 40:10, the very next verse that I think applies to our prayers in Jerusalem.

Behold, the Lord God will come with might, with His arm ruling for Him. Behold His reward is with Him And His recompense before Him. Isaiah 40:10.

Now it may well be that you have not heard about Dutch Sheets or the Appeal to Heaven Flag covered in Dutch’s book An Appeal to Heaven, or Jennifer LeClaire’s book, The Next Great Move of God. By the way, Jennifer also spoke at our conference.

So if your curiosity is now engaged and you want to understand more about this whole fascinating story, then watch the whole talk from Rick below.  It has some of the most interesting stories that you will ever hear.

Why has this man, Rick Curry, been so favored by God so many times to be in just the right place at the right time? If you take notice you will see in this man’s heart a strong generational anointing. And that leads me to the final scripture, verse 11 which explains God’s heart for the next generation.

Like a shepherd He will tend His flock, In His arm he will gather the lambs and carry them in His bosom; He will gently lead the nursing ewes. Isaiah 40:11.

In addition, Rick talks about how revival is breaking out in West Virginia at this very moment! And who is being touched — the high school kids.

Rick’s heart is all about the next generation. And so is God’s.

I believe that is why Rick has been so highly favored.

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    Please explain who you are identifying as “original forefathers”. You mention Jamestown which was founded in 1607. The Pilgrims came in 1620. The Pilgrims (my forefathers) got along fairly well with the Indians. It was not perfect, of course, but even an Indian with whom we spoke recently acknowledged that the Pilgrims were good people to the Indians and they got along decently well.

    It has been a long time since I looked at Jamestown history, but I know it was not pretty. So, when you are talking about the sins of the “original” forefathers, are you just talking Jamestown?

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      Dear Abigail, yes just Jamestown. It would have been better if I had written “earliest forefathers”. In my case they are my “original” forefathers too because I was not descended from Plymouth, but Jamestown.

      In American history, the story of Jamestown as the earliest colony has been shoved under the rug because the history is not very pretty. Clearly the Plymouth Colony treated people much better overall. But the sins of Jamestown are embedded fully into the fabric of America, thus the need to deal with them. Blessings, Bob.

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        I think our nation has a lot for which to repent…and not just historically. We need to turn back to G-d…period…in every area of our lives.

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    I am nothing short of awestruck by both of these videos. And at the end of your speech in the Jerusalem church, I leaped to my feet in front of my computer; my heart leaped, and I felt as light as air. My hands flew up in prayer and praise to God. I want to see more and more things happening. I want to see the Lord moving. I want to see my marriage healed. I want to see others healed. I don’t want to miss ANYTHING! I want to see oppression and depression GONE! Lifted OFF! It wants to surround me, deaden me, deaden our churches, our families, our countries, our relationships. But it won’t win. The victory is already OURS! I will keep STANDING, because the LORD is my strength. I LONG for breakthroughs. I LONG to see more of my God. I LONG to see RIGHTEOUSNESS in this World. I want it so BADLY. I have also learned the meaning of longsuffering. The Jewish People know more about that than I do. If we feel like this, imagine how God feels, because we have wondered from Him. Break our hearts, Lord, so that You can mold us into what You know we CAN be.

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    It was great to see your message and call for revival in Jerusalem. as best I can hear from God revival is coming to all nations and that He is preparing us now for that. it is going to be something amazing and He is preparing His bride for that now. anyway I pray God blesses you and Gidon.

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      Thank you for your comments, John! Yes, may God prepare us, revive us, and prepare to revive us! Blessings, Bob.

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