In this exclusive Root Source Interview, you will meet a man you have probably spent hours with, but never knew it! Eliyahu Berkowitz is a prolific writer for Breaking Israel News, having published over 800 articles on the subject of Redemption.

Eliyahu warms up to the camera in Part 1 of 4.

10 thoughts on “Root Source Interview: Eliyahu Berkowitz – Part 1 – Writing about Redemption”

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    Barbara Jayne

    How refreshing to see someone in media writing about truth. What a blessing to be assigned ‘looking out for redemption.’ Thank you for introducing Eliyahu Berkowitz to this reader. Also enjoyed the conversation about President Trump.

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      That is very kind. Thank you. Yes,reporting on redemption is indeed a blessing, but it was even more of a blessing to find that so much is happening moving us towards a very special time. And contrary to what mainstream media might want us to believe, there are many, many people intensely interested in the subject.

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        Barbara Jayne

        Yes, a manifold blessing. May even more people hear about the redemption entering in; and may they become excited for that very special time, in Israel and all over the world. Thank you.

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    I loved your interview. I read Breaking Israel News often. I was so surprised and pleased to “be introduced” to you through this video. What a blessing to hear about your search for the Mashiach. The Bible is actually coming to life in these days. Thank you and God bless you!

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    Breaking Israel News is my favorite newspaper in the whole world! Just love Rabbi Elyahu’s articles and have to read some of them twice, as well as, the comments. Keep up the good work.

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    When I scan the titles of the articles on BIN, I always seem to be drawn to yours, Adam. When I go into the article, I always check to see who they are written by, and invariably, your name is there. I think to myself “Oh…good,” and can’t wait to read it. Honestly, I do! It’s good to finally put a face to your name. The interview was excellent, and I very much appreciate your point of view and where you are coming from. You are true to yourself, and that shines through. I am always attracted to truth. I look forward to the second part of the interview, and am so glad you accepted Bob’s offer to do it.

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    Eliyahu is right on when he says many Christians do not want Jews to be anything other than who they are. I am of the impression that those of us who realize how much the church has missed over the centuries by dissing the Jews now feel that we can gain much by listening to them. That may be selfish, or at least sound that way, but there is also the factor of simply honoring a people who have historically given their lives to preserving and transmitting the Words which we so cherish.

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