General Uzi Dayan is a living legend in a country overflowing with living legends.

He commanded “Sayeret Matkal,” Israel’s top commando unit, and went on to be the Deputy Chief of Staff of the entire Israeli Army, the IDF.

Since his retirement from the army, he has been focusing on education Israelis as to the importance of the Jordan Valley for Israel’s defense.

Bob and Gidon caught up with him at a fascinating event where he spoke about this at the very spot where the Children of Israel crossed the Jordan and entered the Land of Israel!

Watch this exclusive video here:

3 thoughts on “Root Source Interviews General Uzi Dayan”

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    Irmgard Nagel

    This is great hearing from Uzzi Dayan. Great man, I got to know on a Christian-political tour last year. He has really much to tell about the land of Israel and what the troubles are all about. And yet he is a very humble man. Would love to go on a tour with him again.

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    It’s wonderful to see that place again. I had opportunity to renew my baptism promises this past June at that very place. I didn’t know that it was also the place where Joshua crossed over with the people to claim Hashem’s promise. It’s wonderful. Thank you and God bless your ministry. You enrich my spiritual walk so very much. I will never forget. I pray continually for the Peace of Israel.

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      Sylvie, yes it is amazing to see the confluence of important places between Jews and Christians! Bob

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