Root Source Tours takes you up in the air to see the mysterious, giant Footprints near the Jordan River in Israel.

Part 2 of 3. Hosted by tour guide Aaron Lipkin.

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4 thoughts on “Root Source Tours: Giant Footprints in Israel – Part 2”

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    “Everywhere you place your foot, will be yours…” Yay!! That’s what I was thinking the whole time. Fascinating videos! Thank you!

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    Gabrielle Mary Mitchell

    WOW! This is truly amazing! I LOVE the new insights into the Jacob, my only son is called, Jake James/ Jacob Jacob!/Israel O my goodness me, my soul is so glad to see this! Thank you! Every child of Israel needs to see this! God bless you as you reveal God’s secrets to the fasting but ever more hopeful nation of Israel! God bless Israel! Amen. Am Ysrael Chai!!! :))) Gabrielle Mary+X Mitchell, servant of the Most High God. Coming to Jerusalem for Passover 2017, a Jubilee year, following 1967; 1917… Also the Revelation 12 sign is unfolding in the heavens right NOW! See Stellarium. I believe that Jesus Christ/ Yahshua Messiah is returning in the clouds from Heaven for His elect, to resurrect the dead in Him – Isaiah: with my dead body shall they arise, and to lift up those who are yet alive and ready to be with Him. I pray that I am accounted worthy to be with Him. Amen. I pray for all His children to repent of sin and return to Him. Amen. Jesus said when Israel/ the fig tree put forth new shoots, THAT generation would not pass until all things be fulfilled. A generation in God’s Word is three score years and ten, 70 years, which takes us to 2018! King David ruled for 40 years and died age 70, when King Solomon began to reign. Solomon means Peace, and Jesus Christ/ Yahuwahshua Messiah is the Prince of Peace, King of kings and Lord of lords; Everlasting Father shall He be called. See Isaiah/ Yeshayahu. So much more to say but stopping here. I would love to be able to visit this footprint and I can’t wait for the day I can explore Israel. First, I want to know our True and Faithful Beloved, YHWH Almighty God, and His beloved Jerusalem, the heart of Israel.

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    Thank you!! Simply Awesome, it’s like finding precious gems all over Israel.

    YeshaYahu(Isaiah) 66:1″ Heaven is my Throne and Earth my footstool” … Where else can His Footstool be other than in Jerusalem, the Garden of Eden, where His Earthly Throne is situated.

    The place called “Damia / Adam” – Could this be the place where Adam & Eve were created? Please confirm, it’s important for my study.

    Thank you again & Shalom

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      Dear Bethany, we can see what Aaron has to say about that! But, I’ll give you my thought — while I doubt it is exactly where he was created (because he was cast out of the garden of Eden and could not ever go back), I have a personal opinion that Adam WAS a town that Adam lived. There is plenty of history of towns being named after the founder of the town. And the town of Adam is mentioned in the Torah by Moses, so it definitely was ancient. If Adam settled right at the place where he was cast out of the garden, and that place was the town of Adam, then that would put the Garden of Eden right where Israel is today, an idea which if correct, carries with it a lot of interesting possibilities regarding the fulfillment of scripture. Blessings, Bob.

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