We are beginning a new Root Source Interview Series featuring Avi Lipkin over the next few weeks for our Root Source newsletter subscribers.

Root Source members will be getting even more in-depth content when they login to Root Source and go to Avi Lipkin’s channel.

In Part 1 Avi gives his initial reaction to the Trump Declaration of Jerusalem on Dec 6, 2017, and a discussion begins about the UN Response Vote in the General Assembly that followed. We recorded this interview during a winter storm in Israel and you can see it out the window!

Part 1 of 5. (12:01)

3 thoughts on “RS Interview: Avi Lipkin – 1 – Update in 2018”

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    Could you please make the interviews available as a downloadable script? I love to reread and study these interviews. Thank you

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      Dear Nancy, we have no script, but if someone ever does that and sends it to us, we will be glad to post it. Blessings, Bob.

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