Root Source Tours begins a news series that takes you to the City of David in Jerusalem for a special guided tour with AnaRina Heymann of the City of David Museum. This highlights tour will take you to places outside the reach of a typical tour.

In Part 1 as we overlook the City of David, AnaRina explains Yerushalayim in a deeper way than we had heard it, as well as why she is the luckiest girl in the world.

Part 1 of several. (17:59)



Special thanks to the City of David National Park

Special thanks to AnaRina Heymann and the Jerusalem Watch. Find out more about how you can support the excavations here:

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2 thoughts on “RS Tours: City of David Guided Tour – Part 1”

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    Lately, I have been listening to several sermons about the peace of G-d, and I found this video with AnaRina to be a rich complement to my understanding of Shalom that He extends to those who love Him and live according to His precepts. Praise our great and amazing G-d. Thank you for this series.

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      Dear Jane, thank you for the feedback. We look forward to sharing more of this series — one new video each week. We have to get approval for each video from The City of David, so if there are any gaps in the series, that would be the reason for the delay. Blessings, Bob.

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