Root Source takes you to the base of Mount Hermon and we listen in on Yair Mazur speak about it being a viable candidate for the Mount of Transfiguration.  Can you guess what problem the “Mount Hermon location” solves?  Hint: it brings the New Testament into full agreement with words recorded in the Torah by Moses about himself.

Part 8 of 9.

6 thoughts on “RS Tours: Golan 8 – Mount Hermon – Site of Transfiguration?”

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    Louise Brislane

    Thank you Bob for that insightful part of the trip! It makes a lot of sense with the reason of Moses & Elijah & the transfiguration. It is also the mountain that Jacob was supposed to have seen the stairway to heaven on. I have also heard many times from many different sources that it is a portal between the earth & the heavenly realms. So a fascinating mountain. I can’t wait for next weeks visit. Also thank you for explaining why it is called Caesarea Philippi as it always intrigued me as to the name & now it all makes sense. I would love to do this trip but am unable to do so with my body, so your video has enabled me to do so from the comfort of my computer.

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      Dear Louise, one of the blessings of this work is helping people who cannot come to the land, feel like they are there! That is the goal, so thank you! Blessings, Bob.

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    I have really enjoyed this tour. This episode is especially insightful. How interesting the thought why Jesus spoke Hebrew instead of Aramaic. I love the teaching on the puns. Thank you so much, Bob!

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      There are so many layers to everything, are there not? Thanks for the comment! Blessings to you, Bob.

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