Get ready to step into an adventure to explore the valley of Hinnom.

Overlooked by many, yet it still shouts out its stories of Life, Death, Hell and Redemption, all juxtaposed on top of one another.

In part 1, Root Source tours introduces Jerusalem to you, not as the city of three key hills, but as the city of three key valleys.  (6:14)

3 thoughts on “RS Tours: Hinnom Valley – 1 – Jerusalem: The Valley City?”

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    I was taught about the three rivers that placed God’s name on Jerusalem twenty years ago and was completely fascinated. Then last week, someone somewhere, pointed out that the top of the Temple Mount was on a topographical map laid in the shape of a yud. I wonder what else God hasleft for us to find. But I am fascinated whenever I see the shin on top of Jerusalem and know that He said He would place His name on His land. Thank you for showing us.

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      Dear Linda, yes I had heard/seen that too about the shape of Mount Moriah being a ‘yud’. There is another good one at Bethel. The whole 4-letter name of God YHVH is written in the valleys around it. After God did say that it would be a place where He would put his name there. Google this phrase and look at the images it pulls up: name of god in bethel satelite

      Blessings, Bob

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