Root Source Tours takes you up onto Mount Bental in the Golan and tells you what some Israeli’s say privately about the UN Observers stationed along the Israeli-Syrian border.

In addition, if you don’t at least laugh a little bit at the end of this segment, Bob says you must not know English!

Part 6 of several.


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    I was in Israel this past April taking a Biblical Geography class with a friend and we had the opportunity to have a lengthy, “eye opening” conversation with a UN observer on Mt Bental in the Golan. We asked the UN observer what they were observing and they reported that they were counting all the armaments ( everything including bullets) that were going out of Israel that might be used in the war”. I asked why and he report that they wanted the “WAR TO BE FAIR “. When we followed up with the question… ” “And are you counting everything from the the other side?”, he indignantly reported “well no, of course we can’t because they are at war with each other and it is unsafe to go in”. My friend responded ” how is that fair?” to which he replied, “this is the way it’s always been done since the UN started monitoring”. Perhaps another meaning for UN is “United Nonsense”!

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      Hi Rina, I was thinking that at first, but if you go back one episode when I do a long slow pan facing east, going from north to south, and then back from south to north, I think I ‘cover” Qunitra/Kuneitra in that pan, but I still don’t see in that pan, what the mystery clip is showing! So take a look and then post again if you think it is still Qunitra/Kuneitra. Blessings, Bob.

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