Course: Meet David on His Family Farm by David Ha’ivri

Course: Meet David on His Family Farm

David Haivri introduces himself, his familiy, and his village in a very personal way. He gives us a tour of his farm, about a 45 minute drive north of Jerusalem in Samaria. David’s farm is near Shechem, the exact place where Abraham first entered the land! In this video not only do you see his farm in the light of the late afternoon, but you can catch a view of Mount Gerizim in the distance, the mountain of blessing. You will also gain a sense of David, a man of action and purpose, a settler and a Zionist, but also a man who has a tender heart, and has learned to love the non-Jews, those that in Hebrew are said to be “from the nations.” Bob’s Application: David HaIvri’s course title has a double-meaning. Did you catch it? Israel. Israel is both a people and a place. In fact, part of David’s day-to-day responsibilities are that he helps lead a regional council (i.e. people) for a large portion of the rural/agricultural areas of Samaria (i.e. place). As we read the Bible, we see continual references to God interacting with people in named places. When God called Abraham, He called one man to one place that He promised to show him later. And when the time came to establish the boundaries of that place, God told Abraham to ‘walk the land’, without doubt walking upon the exact land for which David now has responsibility. So what does all this mean to us as Christians? My hope is that we might have an enlarged vision of God thru this series – not just the God of the ‘who’ but the God of the ‘where’. Both seem to be critical to God, but not independently as if they are two separated topics of God’s interest, but somehow woven together in God’s heart. I just looked up the Greek word for ‘land or earth’ (Strongs g1093) and found that it appears 223 times in the New Testament. That number surprises me! Does it surprise you? So may the Lord bless our journey in the weeks ahead, as we come alongside David and try to listen in as he ‘walks the land’ God gave to Abraham. Please note: Volume, HD/SD, and Full Screen can be configured on the lower right corner of the video screen above. The volume adjustment are the vertical bars. Click on HD to get HD resolution. In the far right corner of the screen, click on the four little arrows pointing outward to see the video play in full screen resolution.

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