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Austin Abraham Synagogue: Israel Events Today

Orthodox Jew Gidon Ariel and American Christian Bob O'Dell discuss current events and perceptions of Israeli Jews regarding Israel, Donald Trump, Jerusalem, Palestinians, the peace process, and the relationship between Pro-Israel Christians and Israel, and their perceived motivations. Includes Q&A regarding Israel and Jewish perception of the Messiah. Recorded January 21, 2018. (1h 23m)

Gidon and Bob in Granbury on Everything

Gidon Ariel and Bob O'Dell speak in Granbury Texas on the Trump declaration, Israel, Peace prospects, Jewish Christian relations and many other topics on January 14, 2018.

Orthodox Jews 101: Heart Questions

A group of Christians meet Orthodox Jew Gidon Ariel for the first time. In this lesson, Bob O'Dell ask questions that will he hopes will reveal some of what is in Gidon's heart and then opens it up for Q&A. This lesson is audio only.

Israel politics update

Following the first Knesset election since Avi's Bible Bloc Party was formed, Avi gives his unabashed view of the Israeli political landscape, to those more familiar with American Politics.    

A Day in the Life of Gidon Part 1

Gidon Ariel answers every question Bob asked about what happened on January 7, 2018.   Part 1 covers wakeup, morning prayers, and how you plan to get to Jerusalem. Part 1 of 5.

A Day in the Life of Gidon Part 5

Gidon answers Bob's question about the why everyone in the synagogue was kissing the Mezuzah except him, after which Gidon describes the rest of his evening before bed time. Part 5 of 5.

A Political Announcement

Root Source interviews Avi Lipkin who shares an announcement on the next big milestone of his political party.  Part 1 of 4. (12:43)

A Bible Lesson

Our interview with Avi Lipkin in December 2018 continues. Part 3 of 4.

Yom Kippur

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Gidon Teaches Torah in Austin

Gidon teaches his first Parasha lesson to Christians at Austin Brethren Church in Austin Texas on Januray 19, 2018. It is Parasha Bo, which happens to be the first passage covered in the Rashi's commentary.

Ezekiel 33

Avi Lipkin speaks about multiple passages in Ezekiel, including Ezekiel 33 that talks about the Watchman on the wall that does and does not sound the alarm.      

All Jews Will Return in Our Lifetime

Root Source Interviews Avi Lipkin on the eve of the official formation of his Bible Bloc Party, the Gush HaTanakhi on how it will happen that all Jews will return in our lifetimes. Part 2 of 4. (19.44)


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Interacting with Government Officials 2

Rabbi Adler did a live teaching in Jerusalem about how to interact with Government officials.  Students will find that this material is a review of portions of weeks 45 and 46. Part 2 of 2.

Nitzavim Vayelech

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A Day in the Life of Gidon Part 4

Gidon explains the kinds of Kosher restaurants in Israel, and his trip with Bob to the evening prayers at a Sephardi synagogue. Part 4 of 5.

New Shiloh Site Found in 2018

Aaron Lipkin has captured photographs and drone footage of a new archaeological site near Shiloh in Samaria. Aaron was invited to investigate the site as those who discovered it thought they might have found yet another footprint in Israel. Come look at the footage for yourself and draw you own conclusions. This footage is video …

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