Lesson 1: Chapters of the Fathers – Meet Rabbi Elan Adler

In this interview Rabbi Elan Adler tells his personal story of being born in Israel, raised in the US, and the two words that led to his return.  He also shares stories about his interaction with Christians over the years, and why he loves teaching Chapters (also called Ethics) of the Fathers.

While this lesson is longer than our normal limits, we hope you will find his stories and perspective worth a few extra minutes.


Bob's Application:  Make sure to hear his personal story of his interaction with Cardinal Keeler. How many of you would have wanted to be "one of the other two people in that theater"!

Please note:  Volume, HD/SD, and Full Screen can be configured on the lower right corner of the video screen above. The volume adjustment are the vertical bars. Click on HD to get HD resolution. In the far right corner of the screen, click on the four little arrows pointing outward to see the video play in full screen resolution.

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