Lesson 12: Moses – Explaining the Source of His Speech Impediment

Gidon Ariel tells a story handed down thru the ages about the early life of Moses, how he was loved by the daughter of Pharoah, and the very unusual circumstances by which he got his speech impediment.


Bob Application:  I remember hearing the story told by Benjamin Netanyahu and how, during the Six Day War he accidentally fell into the Suez Canal with a all his gear and backpack and was sinking down the steep sandy slope of the canal deeper and deeper into the depths of the canal, unable to free himself from all his heavy gear, heading for certain death. All of a sudden, somebody reaches down and grabs him by the back of his shirt collar and pulls him back up onto the shore to safety. Netanyahu looks around wondering what soldier to thank — as if any soldier could have reached down the steep bank and into the water and pulled him out from so many feet deep in the water.  Nevertheless, he looked around and found no one nearby to thank. It is said that at that time he knew that his life was saved supernaturally, and that it must have been saved for a reason.

I thought of that story when Gidon tells this story of Moses. You will see why I made that mental connection when you listen to it yourself!

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