Lesson 11: Moses – Mariam His Sister the Prophetess

Gidon Ariel tells the Jewish story passed down thru the ages, expounding upon Exodus 2:5 of how Mariam became a Prophetess, and why she was called a prophet of Aaron rather than a prophet of Moses.

In this lesson Gidon also tells a story of faith that you have probably never heard before concerning the mariage trouble in the family of Moses, that affected his father Amram and mother, brother Aaron and sister Miriam. This is deduced from the text of Exodus 2:2.

Bob's Application:

May we take comfort from Gidon's telling of the story. How many times do we look at famous leaders and fail to see the difficult circumstances of their lives, only seeing that part of their lives in which they are in the public eye? Gidon's story shows both a horrific difficulty that Moses faced prior ot his birth, and yet the redeemed circumstances that came out of it. Listen and comment on what you think!

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