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Studio See

Studio See

Gidon is allowing me to begin a new column to be published weekly in the Root Source newsletter. The goal is to bring to light a number of ideas and perspectives that push the boundaries of the current discussion about Israel, the relationship bet ...

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Visions is a channel that explores ways that Jews and Christians might interact in the future. Visions is Gidon Ariel's take on everything -- that comes from his teachings, talks he has given around the world, and one-on-one interviews. The cha ...

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Biblical Archaeology

Visit sites in and around Israel that you won't see anywhere else, with Aaron Lipkin and others leading the way, including Joshua's Altar, Giant Footprints, and new discoveries that have not even made the news yet. God is now allowing the step-by- ...

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This channel is the place to watch all Root Source videos that are connected to the Jubilee year. Many have proposed that Jewish Year 5776 that began on September 14, 2015 and ends on October 2, 2016 is in fact a Jubilee Year. This channel expl ...

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Women in the Bible

Dr. Rivkah Adler is a rising star in the field of Jewish Christian Relations. She is a writer for Israel news broadcasts and is one of the most complemented teachers at Root Source. She is also the wife of another one of our popular teachers, Rabbi E ...

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Book of Judges

David Ha'ivri has a great love for the physical land that God promised to Abraham. This is only matched by his love for people, and for the God of Abraham. David brings these three streams together into one place and time, when he observes Jews an ...

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God: The Jewish Image

God needs no introduction, and most people either believe in God, or not. But in spite of God’s all-or-nothing quality, God must be examined, imagined, and, to the best of our abilities, defined. In this channel, Rabbi Gedalia Meyer reveals that ...

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Blood Moons

This channel begins with the 6-part Blood Moons course and is the home of its sequel: Pure Gold: When Blood Moons and Sabbath Years Coincide. Root Source co-founder Bob O’Dell, who has studied lunar and solar astronomical events for more than 35 ...

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Proverbially Speaking

Rabbi Aryeh Leifert believes that one of the biggest patches of common ground between Christians and Jews is the Wisdom of Solomon. An Israeli tour guide who is active and adventurous, Rabbi Leifert invites you to join him in a touring journey of one ...

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Islam According to Avi Lipkin

This is one of Root Source's most popular channels! Avi Lipkin, a pioneer in Jewish-Christian relations, and now a household name, was one of the few voices in the 1990s to warn about a coming terrorist attack on the United