Series: Book of Judges by David Ha’ivri

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Series: Book of Judges

Root Source | David Ha’ivri

Teacher: David Ha’ivri

This series includes 1 course

Published: March 28, 2015 | Revised: May 4, 2021

David Ha’ivri has a great love for the physical land that God promised to Abraham. This is only matched by his love for people, and for the God of Abraham.

David brings these three streams together into one place and time, when he observes Jews and non-Jews work to become fully alive in their relationship to the land, to each other, and to God as they restore the land of Israel, piece by piece, meter by meter, to the beauty and productivity it previously offered the world many thousands of years ago.

In this channel, David gives Christians an inside look and perspective of the importance of the various places in Eretz Yisrael (the Land of Israel). He reveals these place in the context of history and the present, as well as the context of the Jews and the surrounding nations.

Here are all the courses in the Book of Judges series: