Series: Proverbially Speaking by Rabbi Aryeh Leifert

Series: Proverbially Speaking

This series includes 8 courses

Published: October 30, 2014 | Revised: April 30, 2021

Rabbi Aryeh Leifert believes that one of the biggest patches of common ground between Christians and Jews is the Wisdom of Solomon. An Israeli tour guide who is active and adventurous, Rabbi Leifert invites you to join him in a touring journey of one of his favorite books of the Bible: Proverbs.

After meeting Aryeh Leifert in a cafe in Jerusalem in Week One, join with him week-by-week in Proverbially Speaking, and begin discovering the nuggets of wisdom that have changed his whole perspective on what it means to live life in modern Israel.

Come see how approachable, upbeat, and interesting Rabbi Aryeh Leifert can be!

It is a labor of love to create these Lessons!!!
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