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Series: Studio See

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Published: May 31, 2021 | Revised: October 18, 2022

Gidon is allowing me to begin a new column to be published weekly in the Root Source newsletter.

The goal is to bring to light a number of ideas and perspectives that push the boundaries of the current discussion about Israel, the relationship between Jews and Christians, and the future that is coming. They will be short enough to read in less than five minutes each, and are designed to stir up discussion with your friends, or even in your own mind.

The name of the column is Studio See. The word Studio conveys the truth that many of these ideas are still in various stages of development.  The word See derives from the goal of each is to show you something new that you may not have seen in your own understanding yet, or perhaps to raise a new perspective on an old topic.

The words together create: Studio See. why? Many large movie studios have a Studio A, B, C, etc.

If Studio A is the Jewish root, and Studio B is Christian branches, then Studio C is a place to discuss ideas that press the boundaries of traditional thought, and look at what may be coming.

Studio See as a name, incidentally is not new for me — it comes from my past, and choosing this name is for me a step of faith to redeem a painful story that I’m sure I’ll tell at some point. Studio See will contain the most cutting edge ideas that I have personally pondered in the last five years.  These are the things that “keep me up at night” as they say. But I mean that in a good way, since David says “even in the night my heart instructs me.”  (Psalms 16:7 NLT).

What does this column have to do with Gidon?  A lot. It is through Gidon, whether he realizes it or not, that I have either discovered, or found introduction and context to understand most of these ideas, and formulate questions in my own mind.

Why begin this column now?

Root Source formed officially on Nissan 1 in 2014.  About 3 ½ years after that, around Rosh Hashana (fall) of 2017 it seemed that God was pushing me out of my comfort zone to start writing down some of the bigger questions and observations I had been seeing since beginning this work with Gidon.  So I have been quietly writing on various topics for the last 6 months. I also have begun writing a detailed account of how I came into this role.

Root Source launched its initial project with one class (Pray Like a Jew) taught by Gidon himself in fall on Rosh Hashana of 2014.  Now 3 ½ years later, since Nissan 1 2018, it seems that it is time to launch some of these thoughts and ideas in the context of Root Source.

I just sat down yesterday and today in a few minutes and listed over 60 ideas that I am longing to share with you, and that’s before even really trying to make a comprehensive list!  Therefore I should be able to easily write on one topic every week for the next twelve months.

Here is a dream:  Could I reveal for your consideration 52 new and thought provoking ideas, for your consideration in the span of a single year?   Now, to be realistic, if you have faithfully watched every single video we have put out on our newsletter, you will see some previous comments or topics expanded into full columns here.  So I can’t promise that every single week will be brand new ideas to every single reader. But even for our most faithful participants, I guess that a majority of topics raised here will be new to most readers each week. I can’t explain it, but a strong passion of mine to share things with people that they have not heard or thought about before. I consider it the ultimate privilege to be the person to propose an idea for you first. As my wife says regularly of me, “He hates to bore people.”

But, here is a scary thought:  Am I brave enough to really open up my storehouse to you and bring out 52 ideas that stir in me continually, like a bubbling cauldron as I wrestle over them and their implications with God?

Yet, here is a comforting thought:  Some of you will be brave enough to add your own perspective on these ideas — this wrestling too!  Perhaps you have an answer for me, or the answer for all of us in the comments. Perhaps you have an insightful question for all of us — as the Jews say a good question is worth more than many good answers.  Perhaps you will want to tell me I’m off base on something. That’s fine! Taking the time to do that in a thoughtful way could correct me and would honor God. Perhaps some might just affirm a topic as giving “language” to that in which was an intuition or nagging feeling!  And when someone just says “thank you”, it is appreciated, and more importantly I believe God sees it and remembers.

If you are really brave, you can even send me your own original idea for potential publication.  If it fits with the purpose and tone of this column is trying to do, I will gladly publish it under your name. And it would give me a week off!  This “send me” offer is good anytime that this column continues.  So, don’t be shy!

Next week, we begin with the first topic, an idea that God gave to Gidon in Spring of 2015 – I thought his idea was good at the time, but now I just sit in awe of God when I think of how right he was, and what it means for the future.

Here are all the courses in the Studio See series:

It is a labor of love to create these Lessons!!!
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