Series: Women in the Bible by Dr. Rivkah Adler

Series: Women in the Bible

This series includes 12 courses

Published: May 29, 2015 | Revised: April 30, 2021

Dr. Rivkah Adler is a rising star in the field of Jewish Christian Relations. She is a writer for Israel news broadcasts and is one of the most complemented teachers at Root Source. She is also the wife of another one of our popular teachers, Rabbi Elan Adler.

Her channel, Women in the Bible, is breaking new ground on the Internet, and is the fastest growing channel at Root Source. Both women and men love love her insights, and find her style to be clear and accessible. She also interacts with her students through comments, over email and through Facebook.

What to be able to interact with a Jewish woman, who is a mother and a teacher? This is your chance!

Rivkah is also emerging as a thought leader in the Israeli Jewish community concerning the roles and opportunities for Orthodox Jewish women. While she is a thought leader, she is wife of a Rabbi, as is passionately grounded in the Bible and rabbinic tradition.

In her course you will see Bible stories from not only the standpoint of Jewish commentary, but specifically focusing on the women in those stories.

She begins with Eve, the mother of all living souls. You will learn things about the Garden of Eden that you have never heard before, and you may get a different perspective on Eve than you ever thought you knew.

She then goes on to examine the lives, personalities, deeds and marriages of the Matriarchs of the Jewish people, like Sarah and Rebecca, the women of the exodus from Egypt, the women in the Books of Prophets all the way through to Queen Esther.

Even if you know these stories, her approach adds classic rabbinic commentary, that causes her students to gasp at insights they never considered before, each and every week.

And you will also begin to learn stories you DID NOT KNOW before. Stories from ancient Jewish sources, including learning the names of women not listed in the Bible, such as the wife of Noah and the mothers of Sampson and King David.

And you will be introduced to many other women, like Serach Bat Asher, Elisheva, Tirtza, Jephthah’s daughter and Avishag.

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It is a labor of love to create these Lessons!!!
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