On Holidays, the regular weekly Torah reading is preempted by the special Holiday reading.

The Sukkot reading for Shabbat is Exodus 33:12 – 34:26. The reason is, because that passage mentions the three pilgrimage festivals, including Sukkot. (The same reading exactly is read on Shabbat of Passover.)

The Prophets reading is Ezekiel 38:18 – 39:16, the prophecy of Gog and Magog. Perhaps this is the year that this prophecy will be realized!


11 thoughts on “Shabbat of Sukkot Torah Reading”

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    I have been closely watching the developments between Russia and the United States these last few weeks. I can’t help but wonder if Israel isn’t going to end up getting dragged into the middle of it.

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      I was a little naughty there – When I wrote Gog and Magog are this week, I meant we read about them this week:-)
      But I am not getting into Revelation, I think there are enough Christians who differ on how to interpret that, you don’t need a Jew’s opinion too:-)

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    Pauline Radford

    Thank you Kenny…..
    It does explicitly say ‘When the thousand years are over, the Adversary will be set free from his prison and will go out to deceive the nations in the four quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them for the battle. Their number is countless as the sand on the sea shore; and they came up over the breadth of the Land and surrounded the camp of God’s people and the city He loves. But fire came down from heaven and consumed them.’ Rev 20 : 7-9 (The Complete Jewish Bible)

    A part of of the revelation to Yochanan on the island called Patmos…..very relevant to the Jews of all time.

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    Eleanore Rideout

    I believe Russia will insert itself into a peace negotiation for Israel, as a means to get a foothold in Israel. Russia wants a warm water port.

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    Louise Brislane

    Gidon, From a Jewish perspective, your version may be more accurate of the Revelation of John as he too, was Jewish. [laughing].

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    Interesting to hear from the Jewish perspective.
    It is so good to have another point of view entirely.

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      Thank you Joanna! That is exactly the point of Root Source, we recognize and respect that each side has different points of view and opinions, but oh my, we have so much in common!

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