Root Source and the Rabbi Steinsaltz Center Announce Content Hosting Agreement


Message from Root Source

May 2021
We are excited to make an important announcement:
Root Source, the leading Internet platform for interested Christians to learn Jewish texts and concepts from Israeli Jews, is proud to host the English language video series of Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz of blessed memory.

Rabbi Steinsaltz was arguably the most important and prolific teacher of Jewish texts in our generation. He published translations and commentaries on the Bible, the Talmud, Kabbalistic works, and much more, including over twenty original titles. He was the Israel Prize laureate for Jewish Studies and other renowned prizes. His work has been translated into Hebrew, English, Russian, French, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, and various other languages.

To promote Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz’s vision and mission to spread the Torah throughout the world, the Steinsaltz Center, led by its president, Rabbi Meni Even-Israel, has agreed to release never before publicized recorded lessons of his father Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, recorded in 2014, for exclusive publication on Root Source. We plan to add English subtitles to each video lesson for easier comprehension.

Root Source invites our students to watch and listen to these rare lessons, to get a glimpse of a Torah giant in our time. We further invite Jewish teachers to follow in the giant footsteps of Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz ztz”l, and join him in fulfilling the biblical prophecies of Isaiah, Micah, and others, “And many peoples shall go and say: ‘Come, Let us go up to the Mount of the LORD, To the House of the God of Jacob; That he may instruct us in His ways, And that we may walk in His paths.’ For Torah shall come forth from Zion, The word of the LORD from Jerusalem.”

For more information:
Gidon Ariel
Director, Root Source

Message from Rabbi Steinsaltz

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