Welcome to the Root Source Store page.
We are still experimenting with this, so please bear with us:-)
We are using the Gumroad platform, which has tens of thousands of sellers and millions (!) of users.

  1. Select the plan or product you want by clicking its button below.
  2. Select your payment frequency preference (monthly, quarterly, biannually, or yearly) and click “Subscribe.”
  3. On the top right corner of your screen, a “cart” appears; click “Pay”.
  4. Enter your email address; create a password; enter a coupon code (called an “offer code”) if you have one; and provide your credit card information (or pay with Paypal if you prefer).
  5. Click “Pay” again and you’re all set!

Ewe Lamb Plan

Turtle Doves Plan

Fine Flour Plan

For now, the signup process with Gumroad is manual, so please allow 24 hours for us to process your purchase.