Dr. Benny Benjamin

Teacher: Dr. Benny Benjamin

I was born in Israel, raised and educated in the U.S., and am a long-term resident of Jerusalem, Israel. We’re grateful that our children and grandchildren all live in Israel. My doctorate in counseling psychology is from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.
I have trained psychologists and counselors at U.S. and Israeli universities. However, my long-term position as the head psychologist of the Israel National Employment Service provided me with the foundation for understanding the workforce in all its diversity and appreciating the challenges individuals face at all career stages.

My professional foci of the last decade have been career coaching and academic editing, alongside my role as chief editor of Israel’s e-journal for employment counseling and career development, People and Work. I’ve published in academia and have presented papers in career counseling at professional meetings worldwide. I look forward to our journey through the Five Books of Moses.


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