Teacher: David Ha’ivri

David Ha’ivri, an enthusiastic Israel tour guide, is based in the sacred city of Jerusalem. With a profound understanding of history, theology, and anthropology, David brings over 30 years of expertise to his role. His deep connection to the Shomron community of Kfar Tapuach, where he resided with his family, reflects his commitment to setting the biblical Heartland of Israel.

David has been at the forefront of establishing platforms for global engagement, leading leadership delegations to key international capitals such as the European Parliament in Brussels, the British House of Lords, Capitol Hill in Washington D.C., Lagos, Nigeria, Nairobi, Kenya, and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. His extensive experience includes hosting numerous high-profile delegations on informational tours in Judea and Samaria. Previously, he held the position of Deputy Chairman of the Shomron Municipal Council, showcasing his leadership capabilities.

As an expert guide for Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria, David’s tours seamlessly blend the historical and biblical roots of the region with modern Israeli history. Covering the founding of the State of Israel, its wars, challenges, and breakthroughs, David provides a comprehensive perspective. His in-depth knowledge of geopolitics and the complex dynamics of Israel’s relations with its Arab neighbors sets him apart. What truly distinguishes him is his unique ability to convey intricate information to novices in an accessible manner, making sense of complicated situations.

Beyond his role as a tour guide, David has been an educator on Root Source since its inception. Recognized as a bridge builder, he actively contributes to fostering understanding and collaboration between Jews and Christians, as well as promoting dialogue between Israel and the Muslim world.

For a captivating exploration of the heartland of the Bible, both historically and in the modern context, join David Ha’ivri on his educational and enjoyable tours. Follow him on social media for a deeper insight into his perspectives and experiences.


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