Teacher: Rabbi Gedalia Meyer

Rabbi Gedalia Meyer will be launching his channel “God: The Jewish Image” soon. While people know him as a rabbi, he prefers you simply call him by his first name, Gedalia. Listen as he introduces himself to you.

After growing up in Los Angeles, California in a strictly non-religious environment, and spending my college years at UC Berkeley, I took off to see the world. Life changed when I quite unexpectedly ended up in Israel, because after several months of studying Judaism, I surprised many including myself, when I decided to become religious. After much more study back in the U.S., and eventual rabbinic ordination, I began to teach in one of the very U.S. institutions in which I had learned, followed by several years as a congregational rabbi and as a Jewish educator. With my wife Suri and our seven children, we moved to Israel in 1999 and have never looked back.

Root Source is a new adventure for me in teaching Judaism, and I hope that it will be a true source of inspiration both to the rabbis and the participants. I look forward to a high level of interaction and interchange with you, as we cover these essential topics of Judaism.

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It is a labor of love to create these Lessons!!!
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