Teacher: Seth Young

Seth Young, one of the world’s leading Hebrew teachers, launched his Biblical Hebrew channel on Root Source in December 2014.

Seth teaches Hebrew primarily online via online courses, web sites, email lists, a Facebook group, two Facebook pages, and more.  He grew up outside of Philadelphia Pennsylvania and moved to Israel with his young family in 1996.

Seth did not learn Hebrew until he was an adult, and so he appreciates how it feels to approach the language without previous experience. His Hebrew teaching system was born out of these struggles, but he turned them into an advantage, where has now helped thousands of students learn Hebrew the way he wanted to have been taught.

Besides having graduated from Princeton University, Seth has also spent many years studying Torah in a variety of programs in both Hebrew and English.  His work in teaching Biblical Hebrew allows him to combine both skills into a single approach.

Other products from Seth Young are available at websites such as: http://www.HebrewClasses.co.il, http://www.hebrewbible.co.il, http://www.InstantHebrew.com, http://www.dictionary.co.il and  http://www.my-hebrew-name.com

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