Root Source Bless Teachers Campaign Team Member: What does it mean? What are the expectations?

How to sign up as a Team Member

Please reach out to me, saying something like “sure, sign me up Gidon, glad to help:-)” and we’ll move forward.

You can respond to any email I sent you or send me a new one at, or send me a message here through this contact form, or call me at (516) 321-1846, or any other way that works:-)

The best way if it works for you is “Do It Yourself”: just Click the “Fundraise” button at and follow the instructions:-)

Minimum expectation

Nothing! If you are listed as a team member on the campaign site, that already helps!

However, here are some things that you can help with:

MOST IMPORTANT: Invite friends to watch the Zoomathon

Make a list of friends who you think would be grateful to be invited to the Zoomathon. Send them this message:

Hi! This coming Tuesday at 9:30 West Coast time/11:30 AM Central/12:30 Eastern a cool online event, a Zoomathon (remember Jerry Lewis telethons?) will be held! I am a team member! Please go here to learn more and get your free ticket! 

Think of a fundraising goal for yourself

(very nice but not critical) (if you don’t reach your goal, no big deal) Look at some other Team Members and see what kind of goals they have set. Look at your friends list and think how much each might give. When you have a number, enter it via the Edit My Page button on the upper left hand corner on your Givebutter campaign link.

Make a donation through your own link

Make sure you are logged in (your name, profile pic and email address appear in the top right corner) and then click Free Ticket/Donate. If you already got your ticket to the Zoomathon, click “No thanks, I’d just like to donate.” 

Participate in the Tuesday Zoomathon!

Tuesday Sept 15, 9:30 West coast/11:30 Central/12:30 East coast. Please get a Team Member ticket!:-)

Root Source

If you have any questions and comments please share them with me! Using the Contact Form below, or if this whatsapp button works, try that!:-)

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