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Author: Joanna Rolle


| Published: April 15, 2021

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

2019 was a great year for Root Source, but (while it’s a little uncomfortable to say the same about 2020 because of Covid-19,) I have to report that 2020 was an even better, FANTASTIC year for us!

First of all, we hit most if not all of our goals that we set for ourselves as reported on https://root-source.com/current-events/root-source-annual-report-2019/.

Here is how we measured up in reality in 2020 compared to our plans:

  • We successfully transformed from a for-profit corporation to a not-for-profit organization! See our IRS letter of determination here: https://tinyurl.com/y7ts6gyy
  • We totally revamped our website to reflect our nonprofit status and mission, primarily removing payment for viewing teaching videos.
  • While we deferred retaining a Christian Outreach Director until our website and teacher systems are set up, we did make significant progress in fundraising, hiring two consulting companies, DSG and LSF, and are working with Dr. Rivkah Adler, a professional adult education administrator (and Root Source teacher) to raise the number of our faculty members from 12 to 100 by December 2021 (more about these below).
  • We participated in the Nations’ Ninth of Av virtual program.
    We ran three online fundraising campaigns, blessing our Israeli Jewish teachers with over $10,000, as we envisioned (see below).
  • We held one Root Source Live in Dallas in January 2020 with special guest teacher Rabbi Yehudah Glick (part onepart two), just before Covid-19 kicked in, prohibiting international travel. But instead, we held many online events with people from all over the world participating!
  • We have numerous Root Source Press books in the pipeline, expecting to publish and release in early 2021, but we came in under the wire with Five Years with Orthodox Jews (official celebratory launch to be held in January 2021).