Bob O’Dell explains why the Jews are a Stiff Necked People, and what this has to do with the recent terrorism in Israel.

The Jews have been called stiff-necked not only by people but by God himself. We hope you enjoy this re-look at an old expression.

The idea for this video came from a comment Gidon made in a previous video where he began to answer the question of how it feels to be a Jew in Israel during the recent terrorist attacks.

14 thoughts on “The Jews are a Stiff Necked People”

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    Shalom, sign us up too. They are stiff necked for life and hope, for a hope and a future…what a wonderful testimony…in the face of hate and death, they keep proclaiming life…and they will be victorious. Toda rabah, thanks formthis message.

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    its similar to what Ezekiel says to go and preach to the HARDENED HEARTED AMEIN be blessed brother Bob, Shalom


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    Loved the video that Bob did we the Jewish people,tend to be stiff necked.But that his how we have survived so long with those who have wanted,to destroy us.
    Also we know that this is the land that Hashem gave to,Abraham,Issac and Jacob.That he will not let any one take it from us.
    Israel will survive Forever!!!

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    This is a most interesting perspective and answers many questions which few are willing to ask and none can offer any valid answer.

    If Elohim choose a stiff -necked to make His covenant with, did her err in judgement?

    If the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were stiff-necked, then they inherited this from the Patriarchs, How did this serve them?

    Was Abraham both stiff -necked and still worthy to be called a friend of Elohim?

    What about Moses and the Prophets?

    Men of Faith like Job? How could a Jew like King David also be dubbed a man after Elohim’s own heart while being so stiff-necked?

    Why did Messiah continue to follow in His Father’s footsteps and only choose these stiff-necked ones as His Apostles?

    The has majority of early Believers remains these stiff-necked people. Why?

    This shows how easily a matter can be twisted into a deception, particularly without context or worse through a lens of prejudice, judgement and self-righteousness. Let us pray for the stiff-hearted people that they may come to embrace all Yisrael! Shalom and keep the Faith!

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      Dear David, you have just made an amazingly good point that forces us to all ask an intriguing question! Are avowed anti semites, unchanged and unmoved by the atrocities of the past and today, resolved that the world will never be right until it is rid of Israel as a nation, are such people today’s most stiff-necked people of all? Blessings, Bob.

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    Shalom. Your ministry is amazing and we are thankful for the way you teach aright re Eretz Yisrael.
    We spent 9 months i. jerusalem during 2013 to 2014, and left our hearts there. It is our dearest desire to return. How can you be so homesick for the Eternal City? It can only be the Lord!
    My husband is third genration Jewish but grew up not knowing this. We are trying to get paper work to be able to return. I was born 16 May 1948, and if that could make me a citizen of Yisrael it would be wonderful.

    Enough of us…keep up the wonderful work and blessings

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    Dear Bob, thanks for this inspiring analysis of the people of Israel, They serve the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob who is eternal and keeps His promises to a thousand generations, He gave the elements to determines their existence – ‘only if the sun, moon, stars and oceans cease to exist, then Israel would cease to exist. (Paraphrase). I saw both videos on Israel News and my heart rejoices with them as they were rejoicing. They are counting it all joy because they are on the winning side.

    Thank you also for explaining the term stiffnecked people.

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    Dear Bob, thanks for the video, as always. I was brought to tears watching the clips of the students and the other crowd. What an inspiration! We should all be “stiff necked” for God and His Word! I pray to be “stiff necked” in my walk with the Lord and in my defense of Israel. Oh how I love The Land and God’s people! As one of the other commenters said, I long to return there; it changed my life! I will return! If not in this life time, then in the one to come. Am Yisrael Chai, always and forever!!

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    Dear Bob I say thank you too for the way you explained what a stiff necked people are really like! and I too want to be that way as a non jewish believer, { but gladly grafted in to the Jewish olive tree } also I love the way the jewish young people also linked themselves together in one accord and with one song! this is strength to me! thank you Bob and God Bless!

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