Finally!!  Here is the video that explains the amazing new discovery of the New Testament that we have been promising for weeks now!! A Midrash of the Torah has been written by Paul the Apostle, and it is hidden right under our noses in the New Testament! Listen as we learn about this discovery from the man who discovered it.  (32:32)

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    I have been a Presbyterian since I can remember. But always was looking for the ‘true’ meaning, the original writings of the scriptures. I am new to Messianic Hebrew followers. The LORD led me to this video….I shared with a cousin my ‘new’ beliefs. She shared it with her pastor. Her pastor then wrote her a letter saying how he was “fairly familiar with this particular sect. … a person should continue to be a practicing Jew.” And “largely at question is the need for Christians today to continue to feel bound by some or all of the Law of Moses.” That “Paul makes it very clear in all of his writings that our relationship with God and our salvation are completely tied to grace through the blood of Jesus and not ‘works’ ” And, “(She) has every reason to have some concern for (me).” This has led me to studying (in my immature way) Galatians. This video helps me with understanding his learnings at a Christian College and the lack of understanding the Hebrew Bible. Thank you and God bless. Shalom I am not done with this…..

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    This doesn’t surprise me in the least. I’ve been listening to Jewish rabbis as they discuss the weekly Torah portion for a couple of years now. So many of their comments on theology are identical to what I’ve been taught as a Christian.
    There is way more that units these two religions than divides them.

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    Wow!! This is incredible & yet, when you think about Paul’s background, we shouldn’t be surprised at all! It certainly is going to be exciting to read commentaries written by David Pitcher if he writes them. So let us know the names of his books & if they are on kindle!! I for one, would love to read them.

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    I enjoyed this very much. It reminded me of the work of Dr. Anne Davis who has uncovered midrashic patterns and connections in the parables of Jesus. You mentioned in the video that you would make available that chart that you showed. Where can I find this?

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    Tamarine A Henslee

    So exciting! and wonderful to finally hear this. Opens the door as a Christian to share the Torah with other Christians who otherwise do not (for various reasons) hear the truth about God’s Words and instructions to us all. Way important.

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    This was such a clear introduction and am recommending it to those interested.
    To hear of that initial discovery was very exciting!
    Thanks you for posting this.

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    Very interesting and THANK YOU FOR THAT STUDY!! And might I say, it’s also logical, that Shaul from the tribe of Benjamin, a scholar and trained Rabbi of the sect of the Pharisees would give a midrash/ interpretative teaching on these books. In addition to that, what is important to consider, both Shaul and Kepha thought of ‘scripture’ as Tanach and of their own ‘teachings’ (or midrashim) as letters… contrary what is thought of in Christianity.

    “For what saith the scripture? Abraham believed God, and it was counted unto him for righteousness.” Rom. 4:3 (quoting Gen. 15:6)

    “as also in all his letters, speaking in them concerning these matters, in which some are hard to understand, which those who are untaught and unstable twist to their own destruction, as they do also the other Scriptures..” 2 Kepha 3:16

    So in conclusion, when Shaul said “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness..” he means that Torah/Tanach is given for.. instruction in righteousness! That’s why he expounds on them in his letters.

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    John David Pitcher

    It’s exciting to see such interest in the connection between the Hebrew Scripture that was translated into Greek and Paul’s Epistles. That you Root-Source for your diligence and your friendship and your contribution to training in righteousness!

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