Author: Bob O'Dell

Published Date: January 17, 2018

The Mystery of the Lost Jubilee:   Did We Ever Solve it?

Now that we have finished 2017, we need to keep our promise we made you in fall of 2015, to study, review and try to figure out whether a Jubilee is happening or not, and to write what we learn.

Are the Jubilees happening on a Calendar year, like 2017?

Do they happen on a Jewish year boundaries, such as 5776?

How does the Jerusalem 50 Year Jubilee celebration figure into all of this?

Our book Jubilee Now looks into all of this in great detail, and we have published over 25 articles on the topic, both on this blog and with Breaking Israel News. But our purpose today is just to put out a note to let you know that we have NOT FORGOTTEN to write a summary of what we see. That article is coming very soon.

And what will write very soon, was not the answer we expected at the beginning of the project!


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