Author: Gidon Ariel

Published Date: August 01, 2016

We are excited – thrilled! – to announce that we have published our SECOND BOOK!

Root Source Press, after its first Christian Prophecy bestseller Israel FIRST!, is now releasing

Jubilee NOW!
We are still working on the website, which will be similar to, but until then you can order the book directly from the following links:

NEWS FLASH: The site is now live!

1. Free Sample Chapter
To get your free ebook with the Introduction and Chapter 1, complete this form. You will also get weekly updates from Root Source, and if you are already subscribed, you will go directly to the download page.

2. Paperback
Please use this link to order your paperback book directly, and this week only use the discount code YAPQMNU3 to get a whopping SEVEN DOLLARS OFF the $19.99 paperback list price! That is more than 30%! (Note: This seller requires you to set up an account for purchase, if you have never purchased a book through them before)

3. PDF eBook
If you like (or don’t mind) reading a PDF version of this 200 or so page long book, then you can download it simply and instantly, and also use the same YAPQMNU3 code to get an additional $4 off the $13.99 PDF price – also, over 30% off!  (Note: this is the LOWEST PRICE option to purchase Jubilee NOW!)

4. Amazon
If you love buying from Amazon, no problem! Just use this Amazon link! (Note: we don’t control Amazon’s pricing, so it may be as much as $19.99, but Amazon Prime customers do get free shipping.)

5. Root Source Channels – SUMMER SALE
Hey, we are so excited to launch Jubilee NOW!, we are giving a 30% discount on ALL PACKAGES AND CHANNELS on Root Source too! If you haven’t signed up for our great classes, or was waiting to add another channel, here’s your chance! Just use that same discount code, YAPQMNU3, when checking out. To add more channels, send us an email of your channels of choice until August 8 and we will send you a discounted invoice.

These discounts are only valid for ONE WEEK, until August 8.

Don’t miss out on this crazy launch week!

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