Author: Bob O'Dell

Published Date: September 28, 2016

The more things in the sky seem to change these days, the more they stay the same down here on earth.  The black moons of September 30th is a case in point, and to save you time, let us cut right to the chase.

The black moon on September 30th is a byproduct of our calendar. It is not important. It is not even visible. And any “meaning” attributed to it is solidly in the realm of superstition.

So let’s start with the sky and answer “What is a black moon?”.

Black moons are a close cousin of “blue moons”. A blue moon is the “second full moon of a calendar month”. Every couple of years whenever a full moon happens to arrive very early in that month, then a second full moon can come around again the end of that same month. Why? Because while calendar months are 30 or 31 days long, the cycle of the moon (from full moon to full moon) is only 29 1/2 days. That second full moon is a “blue moon”, but not because its color is blue. So when someone says that such-and-such occurs “once in a blue moon” they are simply saying it doesn’t happen often (or literally it doesn’t happen every month).

Black moons take the blue moon concept and simply extend it to the new moon, which is invisible, instead of the full moon which is visible. This extension, however makes no sense, because every new moon is “black” in that it is hidden by the glare of the nearby sun.

A black moon is simply the second “new moon” of the month.

This happens on Friday September 30th down here on earth. There is nothing to see, and it happens every couple of years anyway.

But what we can count on is for people to spin events in the sky for profit down on earth.  The “black moon” is an opportunity to you to click on a site, and for them to make a small profit on your time, while some obnoxious ad plays next to the article or video that you are reading or watching.

They can ratchet up the clicks even more by throwing in a question about whether this might have something to do with the apocalypse, second coming, or the end of the world.

So the more things change up there in the sky, the more they stay the same down here on earth. In the world of internet, a lot of money is made by hype, hits and hyperbole.

Oh, we almost forgot. In order for us to be officially part of this internet game we must include an ad of our own!  Since we don’t place ads on our site, we will need to advertise directly in this article. What should we try to advertise?  Hmm.

Maybe since the black moon event is up in space, in the realm of God, we should create an ad for God down here on earth. It’s only fair since He created the sun, moon and stars in the first place!

The following is an officially sponsored advertisement for the Almighty God:

Amazing Secrets Exposed Before Your Very Eyes.  

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