Author: Bob O'Dell

Published Date: June 24, 2016

brexit1Britain’s Exit, or the “Brexit” as it is commonly called caught the world by surprise, as the polls leading up to the June 23rd referendum had the United Kingdom staying in the European Union by a 52-48 margin.

What does the Brexit have to do with Jubilee?

Nothing, or so we thought. However, reader Dennis Northington was the first to contact us and suggest a connection. He saw this as “The United Kingdom has separated itself from the Nations.”

To this we can add that “The United Kingdom is proclaiming freedom throughout the land!”

Now for those of us not in the United Kingdom, it might seem like such a statement is bit over-reaching. Freedom? Was the UK not already a free democracy? The issue, though, is one of sovereignty. About half of the laws being passed in the UK in recent years were forced upon them due to their membership in the EU! These regulations were being forced on the UK just like the laws of the Federal Government of the United States are forced upon the States. But unlike the Federal Government of the United States, the people of the UK were not electing those officials who were making those decisions.

The UK did not exit the European Union because they know that it is better for them economically, they have exited the European Union as a matter of sovereignty, of freedom.

And the Timing?

The Brexit has occurred in the middle of the Jewish year we have been watching for signs of Jubilee. The Brexit follows only two months after the declaration by Israel that Golan shall be forever part of Israel, also in this Jubilee year.

But, is there any connection of the European Union to Jubilee years of the past?

The formation of the European Union, named as such, is traced back to the Maastricht Treaty which went into force on November 1, 1993, a Shemitah year. However, some have said the original formation of the European Union dates back to the formation of the European Communities in the Merger Treaty, or Brussels Treaty, that came into force on July 1, 1967! This is less than a month after The Reunification of Jerusalem in 1967, which this article series has often suggested as being a Jubilee year!

Is the European Union Good or Bad for the World?

Much has been written about the spiritual implications of the formation European Union and its role in propagating a One World government and fulfilling End-Times prophecy.


European Union Flag. (Wikicommons)

While there is no reason to repeat all that here, we would call readers attention to a point made by Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson in their book The Babylon Code that the official anthem of the European Union, Ode to Joy, calls forth a vision of a one-world government devoid of Almighty God. The first verse explains it:

Joy, beautiful spark of divinity,

Daughter from Elysium,

We enter, drunk with fire,

Heavenly, thy sanctuary!

Your magics join again

What custom strictly divided;

All people become brothers,

Where your gentle wing abides.

It seems to us that this decision of the UK, which will hopefully be followed by other EU member countries, is a decision to chart their own course, and gives them the freedom, and therefore the possibility, to follow a path ordained by God.

Is this a new beginning in a Jubilee year for the United Kingdom? Let us all pray that they choose to follow God fully in the next 50 years. And all along the way, “Let Freedom Ring!”

By Bob and Gidon

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