Author: Bob O'Dell

Published Date: August 30, 2018

Only One Week to Go!

A Christian man who is not part of Root Source, but loves Israel and the Jews, has made a stunning discovery about the New Testament, that it seems has not been noticed by others modern history.  Why is this discovery so important?

Because this discovery could encourage Christians to STUDY TORAH and give them a NEW WAY to embark upon that study.

(Photo from YouTube)

This discovery also delivers yet another blow to “replacement theology” in the Church.

So now you know why Root Source is a natural platform in which to talk about this kind of potentially game-changing discovery! We can hardly wait to begin telling you this story next week – a story far too big to start and finish in a single week, but we begin next week on Rosh Hashana 2018!

Your wait is almost over!

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