Author: Bob O'Dell

Published Date: May 06, 2016

Gidon comments as follows…

I think I am very clear and on record as saying that with Root Source, I am not trying to change anyone’s religion or faith, rather I am trying to provide resources for people to embrace or reject – or anything in between – for them to expand and enhance their faith.

This means that while I personally do not have Jesus and Christianity as part of my faith as a traditional Jew, and certainly do not encourage Jews to incorporate them into their faith, I do encourage Christians to hold onto their faith and enhance it. I believe that a Bible believing Christian is a good Christian, and a good Christian supports Israel.
That being said, Root Source is unique in its position (with a small handful of other resources) in that its teachings to Christians are from an expressly Orthodox Jewish perspective. We would not want that voice to end up being lost in a majority of traditional Christian teachings.
On the other hand, we are happy from time to time to offer a platform for our close Christian friends, not to mention partner(!) to address our audience as well.
With this in mind, we – Bob and Gidon – are happy to provide this teaching, given by Bob, to our good friend Christine Darg’s Christian group, Exploits Ministry, the Jerusalem Channel, this last Passover festival.
We hope you gain from it and look forward to your comments!
Click here for Bob’s blog post and video teaching.
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