Author: Bob O'Dell

Published Date: December 15, 2017

The following piece was sent to us by Sharon L. Hogeda, regarding the recent declaration on Jerusalem by President Trump, and we asked her permission to publish it.
“D.C. David’s Capital”
Pres. Trump recognizes reality, courageously declares Jerusalem Israel’s capital 12/06/2017. Trump declares “new approach to conflict between Israel and Palestinians.” That takes guts!
“We have enemies? Good. It means we’ve stood up for something,
sometime in our life.” (Churchill)
The enemy calls for “3 days of rage.”
To enemy, we say, GET LITERATE!:
Is that ALL you can do?
So you can shed blood!..
So you can maim! So you can rage!…
is that ALL you can do?
You ever read a book?
Ever construct something?
Ever clean anything?
Ever discuss anything?
“All too often we define ourselves by our friends. Perhaps far more significant is the recognition and acknowledgment of our enemies. America has enemies – because the American way of life esteems democratic values which threaten cultures of discrimination and countries of fascism and dictatorship. Jews have enemies – because anti-Semitism is all too fashionable as scapegoat for political and religious injustices. A life of principle calls for courage to speak out not only for the good but also against the evil, to appreciate your friends but also to condemn your enemies.”
You, enemy, delight in control! You hold the whole world in the palm of your hand by selling them oil, because you delight in control-over!  But, what if you just got literate and read some history?  It would “give you courage to speak out for the good.”
You don’t know the first thing about bein’ nice, because that doesn’t give you any power-over. Niceness scares you!  Threatening niceness and good, doesn’t take any courage.
Generatin’ fear, like generatin’ oil, gives you power-over. When your illiterate threats terrify others, you’re confident they’ll relinquish control to you.
To show you niceness, or respect, or honor, scares you! The Jewish Nation doesn’t terror-back at you, and that scares you. You think life is the fullest when you have done the most destruction, because that makes you feel powerfully in-control, and less scared.
Jewish Nation doesn’t HAVE to power-over you; their honorable character out-powers any bratty and mentally-inept destruction you can explode onto their scene. Jewish kindness and forgiveness just reveals your rage for what it really is: fear, mentally-depraved illiterate fear.
Get literate and deal with this: you who threaten others to scare them, are tortured by, and running from, fear. You are too scared and illiterate to admit reality.
You need to face reality. Reality isn’t makin’ the other person fear. Reality is becoming small, humble and unterrifying, to make sure others feel how VALUABLE THEY ARE.
This is reality. . . 3 days of nice. . . would that kill you?
         – Shalom Sharona- 12/07/2017
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