Author: Bob O'Dell

Published Date: August 09, 2018

Root Source teacher Sondra Baras of Christian Friends of Israeli Communities gave an amazing talk regarding Moses pleading with God to let him enter the land of Israel. This is Torah Portion Va’etchanan in Deuteronomy 3.

Root Source members get immediate access to all of her Torah Portion (Parasha) teachings by accessing her Root Source Channel – Shabbat Shalom.

In Part 1 explains how the same story is told differently in Numbers and Deuteronomy and begins to make the case for Moses’ state of mind.

She concludes part 1 with a strong statement about Moses that shocks the audience. Part 2 will be released next week.  If you don’t want to wait, click “next”, on this blog post for the continuation. (34:06)

Learn more about Sondra Baras and her channel for free by watching her interview here.


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