Author: Bob O'Dell

Published Date: September 14, 2016

I have talked to so many people recently that are in the middle of a feeling they cannot shake: that there is a new beginning just around the corner.

This feeling can be related to their job, their ministry, or even their marriage. From what I have been able to gather in studying the Jubilee year, this is not coincidence, but rather is part and parcel of what we should expect to happen in the second half of a Jubilee year: that period from Passover through Sukkot. This is because there is a pattern in the Bible that spiritual renewal begins in the Spring. (For more see our video blog post: Jubilee Part 3)

Have you noticed that your soul and/or spirit was stirred in April, May or June?

Have you been spending time in July, August or September wondering what those stirring are going to mean, and how those stirrings should be acted upon?

You are not alone!

I had some words from the Lord together with a dream in May that indicated that changes were coming (and needed) in my heart and life, but the insights into exactly what that was supposed to look like has taken months to be revealed, and are still unfolding today.  (They were not related to Root Source).

While I saw this pattern in my own heart and life, and in that of a few close friends, I was hesitant to claim that this pattern was larger until recently. Then last month I was part of a small prayer team at church — (the most common prayer request is for healing) — but everyone who came instead asked for prayer for “an upcoming change in their lives”. Since then, it has just come up over and over — enough to write it down here.

I find it amazing that the very same pattern we learn about regarding the Jubilee year: a new beginning for the land and for the people, is now being played out in our hearts in this very same time period! Yet maybe that is exactly like God to play out His “calendar principles” at all levels!


So if this is you, then what do you do about it? I suggest three simple things.

  1. The final weeks of this Jewish year 5776 between now and October 3rd are a wonderful time to try to get away, find a quiet place, and seek God for direction. Many of you have already done this recently during the summer, but for those of you like me, who find it difficult to break away for vacation, this could be a really good time to intentionally get away and seek God! Are you busy with school and life at the moment? No problem. Simply carve out what time you have available, and let God speak into it.
  2. Let God refresh you in this period. In the Jerusalem Channel event I attended last week on September 10th in Virginia with Peter and Christine Darg, this word “refresh” was given to everyone at the very end of the event, I believe by the presence of God’s Spirit. If Christine teaches on that topic soon, I will try to put a link right here.
  3. In addition, these few weeks we are in right now might be, on a very large scale, a “prophetic Selah moment” for the world. Perhaps everyone should still their souls and reflect on what has happened in this past Jubilee year, and what is God’s plan going forward. This is a very Jewish thing to do in this very time period anyway, the month of Elul, even if we were not also in a Jubilee year! This word about a “prophetic selah moment” also spoken by Christine in Virginia, is something I definitely resonate to as a global moment in time. It even fits the pattern of the Jubilee, since the Jubilee year is to be a year to let the land rest, and to cease striving from harvesting for a season. In addition, I continue to hear people talking about an “October surprise” and if that turns out to be the case, then this selah moment will stand out even more.


If you sense this happening in your life, or sensed it and already walked through it, please consider writing a comment below to encourage others!

A lot of people are having the nagging feeling of coming change!


That’s OK!

Tis the season.

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