As I write this, we are in the three weeks leading up to Tisha Be’Av, the ninth day of the Jewish month of Av.

The calamities that befell the Jewish People throughout our history are too numerous to mention.

How does the Jewish People cope with such a lineup of tragedy?

Please join us as Gidon Ariel, director of Root Source, gives an overview and introduction to the most tragic day in Jewish life and history, and how Jews deal with it.


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12 thoughts on “Tisha Be’Av – The Ultimate Day of Jewish Mourning”

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    Thank you for sharing, sir. My thoughts and prayers are with Israʾel and her people during these three weeks of sorrow “between the straits”. May ADONAI answer HIS children “and set them in a wide open place.” May ADONAI bless HIS treasured possession and may HIS shalom be upon her.

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    The third Temple will be built, but the Glory of G-d will not be in it. I will single the worst times the Jewish People ever have know or will know for 7 years. My heart goes to the Jewish people for all the hurt and suffering they have seen. I really hate what’s in the very near future, but there will be and end to the suffering and the Messiah will appear. Glory Glory

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    Loved it Gidon! I knew about the spies and both Temples, but hadn’t realized about the other two. Thank you for the teaching on it. Another thing I learned that I hadn’t known before, or considered, was where you mentioned that the “bad report” was “conspired” and evil. I had not ever heard about it being conspired. It makes total sense, I just hadn’t considered it.
    And finally, you made me smile and laugh, at the beginning, when you said, “we teachers like to teach to students who like to learn what we like to teach them”. That was adorable! Count me as one of those students!
    Shalom and Toda Raba. (I hope I said that right)

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    Maureen Tonnessen

    Dear Gidon. I really found this lesson most interesting… have such an easy way of teaching which I love…..and I know that you will have your Jerusalem temple rebuilt, because the God of our Bible says so, and God can not lie…..Blessing to you Gidon

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    Thank you for sharing it ! Nice story of how the yewish people contiunually bind their past with the today times. It is a constant remembering of facts one part and otherwihise to God, that inherits a lively past.

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    Thankyou for the teaching on 9 th of Av I am a goy and believe strongly God will help the Jewish nation to Rebuild the Temple

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    Elizabeth Button

    I enjoyed this teaching. Most people do not realize what this date means to Israel and history. I have studied history and especially Jewish history in the last 20 years. I put to together a list of the happenings on this date. When it comes to the Jews being run out of Spain people don’t know that Columbus sailed on the last day that the Jews had to be out of Spain. It is said that Columbus’ s sailors were made up of Jewish sailors. If it is true, it seems appropriate that God’s chosen people would help find the new land that was officially founded on His name. Thank you for your teaching. I love it!

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    Hilary YIP TONG

    Dear Gidon,

    I can affirm that this 9th of Av of Tisha Be’Av is the last Tisha Be’Av of mourning and Lamentations.and that next year’s will be a Tisha Be’Av of rejoicing.

    This is because we are in The Jubilee, The Days of Elijah and The Millennium.


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    Erene and Bernhard Schwarz

    We stand with Israel, and continue to stand with this beloved land. We joined with you in these weeks of mourning and on Tisha Be’Av as you fast and pray. We know that the time will cme when no more glasses will be broken at weddings, when mourning will be turned to joy, when those who go out weeping will come back dancing with joy! Whenwe will see the Temple rebuild! Blessings and peace be with Israel at this time.

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