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Tj is one of Root Source’s most active students. She shared this emotional painting she created and we asked her to write about it.

The Story Behind the Picture

I drew this picture, “Suffering-Israel” in 2012 because I was affected by the terrorist bombings and attacks against Israel. I wanted to draw something as a way to make a statement in support of Israel and as a way to depict how heavy my heart was for what was happening to them, and what seems to always happen to the Jews in general.

I combed through newspaper articles and pictures online and found those that spoke to me. The Orthodox Jewish man praying at The Western Wall was included because of how much that scene affected me on my first visit to Jerusalem. I also wanted to include Bibi Netanyahu. The other people drew depicted the deep sadness and horror I felt during this time.

This picture is screaming to the world to wake up to what is happening to Israel and to her people. Will the world to open its eyes?!  These are innocent human beings and they are under constant attack, just because they are Jewish!

Message to Rabbi Ken Spiro

I wanted to share this picture with Rabbi Ken Spiro who is a cherished teacher for Root Source, because he was doing a series on “A Nation that dwells alone“.  
Before I even listened to any of the series, I was thinking that I wanted him to know that Israel is not alone. I wanted to express to him that there are many of us out here, among the nations, who love and support Israel, who pray for her and worry about her and defend her with our words. I wanted him to know that I love Israel and that many, many of us do. I just want Israel to know that, and that I am there for them, always!

As for Rabbi Spiro, I love his classes and I love his teaching style! I have learned so much from him and I’m very grateful for him taking the time to teach us about Jewish History, past and present. I look forward to his classes and they impact my life. I pray to be able to “one day” come to Israel and to meet him (as well as other Root Source teachers) and take a tour with him. That is a desire of my heart.

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    Thanks for doing this artwork, Tj. Thanks, Gidon, for sharing it. Sometimes I wish I were G*d. I’d SO love to go over there (Europe/Middle East) and “straighten” everything/everyone out!!!! I can barely stand the lies and deception, the violence and shabby treatment Israel and the Jewish people are facing/receiving. I honestly don’t know how you deal with it!? If I let it, it would TEAR me apart. I wish I had more influence in the world, and am constantly looking for ways to be involved. I feel so helpless to do anything about it, except maybe to pray. How do you all manage to keep yourselves in check? How do you manage to keep yourselves from becoming bitter? How do you keep yourselves from lashing back in anger and rage? You are an extraordinary people; Bibi is exceptional.

    I’d like to get more into the “truth” of how you cope on a day-to-day basis, and am wondering which root-source class to take to discover this. Or could this be a whole new subject?

    Lynda Jacobs

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      Lynda, your comment is so passionate! It is truly hard to witness, the treatment that Israel and the Jews throughout history get and have gotten. I really believe that we are coming to the end of the road and people will be getting their just desserts, just like Pharaoh did. Thankfully, we see many gentiles, especially Christians, who seemingly are not being targeted by the Adversary, and are behaving in a normal way IMHO, that is, standing with Israel! They too, will get their just desserts, in their case, reward:-)

      As you can read in Chapter 21 in Israel FIRST!, there are many ways to bless Israel. No need to feel helpless!

      I cannot speak for all Israelis, some really are having a hard time. But it seems that God often provides strength to those going through hardship, and the spotlight is on Israel, the Jews, and therefore, God.

      How do we resist anger? I think it comes from a strong foundation of values.

      Regarding how we Israelis “do it,” I am thinking about recording a weekly personal “the view from Israel” type message for Root Source subscribers. Check out our blog, I have already recorded a few like that.

      But all of our classes are taught by Israelis, and the values and wisdom that they teach is all part of the tapestry which is life in Israel. Try a few!

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    Thank you, Lynda Jacobs. I appreciate it! Thanks, Gidon for sharing it. Sorry I didn’t see it prior to now…so much going on with the holidays. Blessings to you and to you Lynda! Shalom!!

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    “……from a strong foundation of values?” Yes, but I see more than that. There seems to be a gentleness of spirit, or a steadfastness that I don’t see in people of other cultures. Your people seem so grounded/confident. A thought just came to me….. Maybe it has to do with the fact that you bless your children (every day?), so that they are always aware of who they are, that they feel LOVED and cherished, honoured and included. Yes, I think I’ve hit the nail on the head! I grew up in a VERY dysfunctional home, lacking a strong father figure or any father figure at all. When I was in high school, there were many Jewish kids around me all the time. I’ve been in their homes, and never felt out of place with them, only accepted. I saw firsthand how these kids differed from all the others. There was such a strong difference, it was very obvious to me. Looking back, I think I envied them, but I didn’t know why at the time. I wish I’d known how to bring up my own daughter like that. I just hope the Lord will restore all that has been lost to me. Sadness is NOT a good feeling.

    PS: The Jewish kids I grew up with, mentioned above, practiced liberal Judaism, and the difference I saw in them STILL showed. I also know that you as a people are honest and very open; there is no guile in you. The fact that the teachers on this website WANT to teach us is both an honour and a privilege, and shouldn’t be abused–ever.

    Let me say again to whomever reads this: It is EXTREMELY important to bless your children on a regular basis. Perhaps someone would like to teach us how to do that.

    Lynda J.

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    TTYTT Lynda, most Jews, like everyone I think, are hesitant to take credit when someone says “Your people are so [good]” because we know that people are people. There are good and bad apples in every bunch. That being said, I would agree that our values, towards which we educate our children and ourselves, are good ones, imho at least:-)

    Regarding blessing our children, the widespread tradition is to do so every Friday night. But here in Israel we merit to be the subject of the Priestly Blessing every morning at synagogue services. When any of my children are with me there, we huddle together and receive the blessing together.

    I am glad for you that you looked happily towards friends and neighbors. And many liberal Jews, I may compliment, focus their spiritual efforts on loving and helping others, so there you go.

    I hope that I will teach the Priestly Blessing in its spot in my Pray Like A Jew channel, but in fact I have already taught it! It is the ninth lesson in that channel.

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    Gidon, God willing, I will be taking your class at some point. What does “imho” mean?

    Further to my comments above, my two best girlfriends, ever (in high school and beyond), were liberal Jews. I certainly understand what you mean by “bad apples in every bunch,” but these women, in all the years that I’ve known them, have never intentionally hurt me in any way; I never saw a bad attitude, not once. I felt totally at ease with them, in open and honest relationship. They were solid, loyal, trusted, true friends. They had NO hidden agenda, so to speak. Since then, I’ve been “friends” with other, Christian, women. Sooner or later, most of them have played the “holier-than-thou” card, which I detest, trying to make me feel “less than worthy,” “looked down upon,” or whatever. I am not surprised that there are Jews who want nothing to do with Christians. I want nothing to do with that kind of attitude either.

    I STILL maintain that there is an “inherent” trait, a God-given attribute in the Jewish people that stands out from any other culture I have come across. I stand as a witness to it. It has been bourn out in my life. I am determined to bless you no matter how uncomfortable it may be. Yes, I AM passionate about this. God gave it to me. You have no idea how refreshing it was for me to take Avi Lipkin’s class today. He is an amazing person. I could be around him all the time. No “hidden agenda” or fear of Man in him, and I love that! And I am glad that the Lord is making ME bolder than I have ever been.

    So, please, just accept the blessing.

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      IMHO means In My Humble Opinion. Google is your friend! 🙂

      I had to go back to look at what I wrote – I certainly did NOT mean to refer to anyone specific when I mentioned “bad apples!” And I think I made it clear here that every Jew – even every person! – has good traits that others can applaud and learn from. But to be truthful, we cannot and should not pretend that there are no bad people…

      I would suggest not basing your life outlook on a few people you have met, even a few dozen. Judge people favorably every time.

      Thank you again for your comments – keep them coming!

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