Gidon and Bob talk to Trey Grahams tour group

In part 1, Gidon Ariel tells his story of coming to Israel and how he decided to try to become a bridge between the Jewish world and the Christian world.


In part 2, Gidon Ariel explains how Jews pray, Tefillin, and shows them his own prayer shawl. He also explains how the word Torah is a hint to the number of commandments that Jews must keep.


In part 3 Bob O’Dell, after revealing two or three quick things that touch him about Jewish prayer, tells his own personal story of how God led him away from high-tech and how he ended up meeting Gidon in Jerusalem.

He also gives the story of Israel FIRST! and the behind-the-scenes story between he and Gidon, about how it came about.


In part 4 Gidon gets personal, explaining how this journey of working with Christians has impacted his family and his community.

He also covers how Jews perceive Christians, his family’s reaction to nearby terrorism, and an answer to the question:

What is the most important thing these tour participants should take home with them?


In this part 5 this series concludes with Bob suggesting what are the two great blessings that one receives from visiting Israel.

The first one has to do with the Bible, and the second blessing is custom-made!

Thanks goes to Trey Graham and his tour group for such interesting questions.