Author: Gidon Ariel

Published Date: October 20, 2019

Shalom to you all!

A few weeks ago, on September 23, 2019, Gidon traveled with his brother and sister and cousin and her daughter to Hungary and Romania on a family roots tour. It was very touching for us, and connected us to four, five and more generations back.

Jews feel a connection even to Abraham, which is dozens or hundreds of generations, and some people are very much into genealogy and find family trees that are very developed, but for the “rest of us,” such a trip is very special.

We recorded this video for our family members who haven’t [yet] made this trip (most of my family lives int he United States), and when I made it I had readers of the Root Source blog in mind as well.

I hope you find this seven minute video interesting and mostly understandable:-) and if you have any questions or comments, as usual, please post them below.

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