Rabbi Tuly Weisz CEO of Israel365 and Breaking Israel News talks about the 9th of Av repentance project you may have participated in with us last summer.

He tells us how that project touched him, and how he thinks those efforts might play a role in the biblical prophecy of the Fast Days becoming Feast Days for the Jewish people.

Recorded in Bet Shemesh. Part 1 of 1. (11:27)

4 thoughts on “Tuly Weisz Teaches Us – From Fast Days to Feast Days!”

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    Elizabeth Werner

    Actually, The verse he read is Zechariah 8:19, not Zechariah 9:19. Rabbi Weisz’s interpretation is very thought-providing. I’ve had to watch this video more than once–especially where he connects the fast days with corresponding Jewish feast days..

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      Yes indeed! I’ve done the same thing as Tuly — I’ve had one word in my head, while saying another word. And yes, I remember that when he was giving that teaching in the room, I was saying to myself, “I’m glad I have this on tape”! Blessings, Bob.

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    Yes, quite astounding to think of it. I’m not sure though that I follow regarding the cancelling of the Holidays — what then, are we to do with Zech. 14:16, where the remaining nations go up yearly to Jerusalem to keep Sukkot?

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      Dear Paul, it was a question I also had in mind and didn’t have a chance to ask before he had to leave for the regular afternoon prayers with his Israel365 team. But, I would add that this perspective that Tuly was kind enough to “bring us into” is admittedly for him, still very new and fresh. I have no doubt the perspective on this issue will grow and mature in the weeks, months and years to come as many Jewish scholars (hopefully) find the first Nations’ 9th of Av gathering in Jerusalem in 2019 a catalyst for giving this entire topic more considering. For my part, I am simply thrilled that Tuly is willing to consider himself a friend of this project, which is so new that how can any of us have any real about idea where it will truly lead. I’d be thrilled if you found a way to come be part of it. Blessings, Bob.

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