Was the recent lunar eclipse on Purim a Blood Moon? No.

Did we just complete a “Pentrad” rather than a “Tetrad”? No.

People have asked me about the YouTube video talking about a fifth Blood Moon during Purim. But, this is simply not the case. A Blood Moon for starters has to be a TOTAL lunar eclipse.

Not only was the lunar eclipse last Wednesday not TOTAL, it was not even PARTIAL. It was something so slight, called a PENUMBRAL eclipse that you would have to have trained eyes to notice at all. For most practical purposes it was invisible.

In the diagram below, only when the moon enters the “red” does the eclipse become easily visible to the unaided eye.

Screenshot 2016-03-27 16.36.43

But what about the timing? Did it not happen on the feast of Purim? Does that make it special? No. I checked the last six Blood Moon tetrads in history and they all behaved exactly as this one is behaving now — a practically invisible penumbral eclipse six months after the final Blood Moon.

In a rock band analogy, if the Four Blood Moons are the Beatles playing on stage, this eclipse was like the groupie in the front row who follows them everywhere they go. You expect them to be there and even hang around after the show, but you don’t write their name on the billboard.

So feel free to celebrate the glory of God’s creation every time ANYTHING happens in the sky, even the arrival of comet LINEAR, that will be visible this week in binoculars — God created it all — but please don’t call the last eclipse a Blood Moon or a pentrad. To do so is to water down the appearance of the Blood Moons themselves.


8 thoughts on “Was there a 5th Blood Moon?”

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    Hi Bob, what is your take on the Nibiru Planet X thing that’s been in the news? Sound hokey to me, but I did see an article on BIN about it. Something to it?

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      Dear Tj, Your question is a fair one to ask, but it is a bit problematic for me to answer. First, I never received a directive from God that He has asked me to publicly judge the merits of all the top space-based theories that spring forth on the Internet. If a photograph were to show up from the space telescope that shows some newly sighted object, of course I would investigate it. There is great pressure in observational astronomy to find and announce the “new thing” because it brings fame and glory to the professional astronomers who found it, whether that be a new planet, asteroid, comet, etc. The lack of hard observational evidence found to date makes this theory uncomfortable to me right now. On the other hand, the willingness and desire on the part of people who love God to firstly “believe the Bible is true” and then secondly, to look towards science, history and nature with an eye for trying to deduce “how might the truth of the Bible be confirmed” are undertaking a noble effort that is largely missing in the sciences today. In that particular sense I hear the words of Jesus in Luke 9:50 as applicable to me. Blessings, Bob.

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        I like your word…”uncomfortable”. That’s what I meant. Uncomfortable suits the situation better. Skeptical would be another I’d use. I don’t want to jump on the bandwagon and run around with my hands in the air like chicken little. That being said, I will use a discerning eye to watch the developments there. Thanks! Blessings.

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    Actually I like the Beatles analogy better if you realize the unofficial “fifth Beatle” Sir George Martin, who was an intricate part of the music, passed away last week during Purim… it is uncanny!
    Shalom ♡

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      Dear Reb, Indeed! While not overtly planning it that way, I think that news item might have subconsciously triggered the idea for that analogy. In fact, it might have been better that I used George Martin rather than “groupie” because George Martin is honored, and groupies are not. I should be careful not to disparage God’s creation! Great post! Blessings, Bob.

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