Here is lesson 5 of the Blood Moons course!

See lesson 1 here, lesson 2 here, lesson 3 here, and lesson 4 here.

Now it’s time to reveal all the details of an alternative theory of the Blood Moon tetrads that has less to do with the coming of the Messiah, but has everything to do with God’s love for His people Israel.

Hang on tight as you embark on a whirlwind ride through thousands of years of history – and examine those years in perhaps a different way than you ever had before!

This lesson will also attempt to answer the last of the three foundational questions: “How many Bible verses does it take to feel good about a theory?”

17 thoughts on “Waves of History (The Blood Moons Course, Part Five)”

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    Margaret Makewell

    Fascinating information here – gives a completely different view and makes so much sense. Thanks Bob for all your work on these facts – and thanks Gidon for allowing Bob to teach this subject.

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    I’m loving this series! Thank you so much for your wonderful way of teaching. You are so clear, you take it slowly and you illustrate it! Can’t wait for Part Six! I’ve signed up for Root-Source! God bless you all!!!

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    this was fantastic. I love it when someone actually does the research to explain a whole thing instead of just part. Can’t wait till end of the month when I get paid to get my membership. I am so excited to learn about my roots.

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      Hi Robin! Glad you like that! By the way, it’s free for first 28 days so your Paypal wouldn’t be charged until day 28. Look forward to seeing you around on the site! Blessings.

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    Thanks Bob and Gidon for this. It’s great to hear some more “grown up” understanding with regards to these most exciting moed’im and signs in the heavens. Your last piece, lesson 5 makes so much sense.
    Having listened to it and particularly taken notice of what you are saying in relation to the Penumbral eclipses, these seem to coincide with Tu B’av and Tu B’shevat having compared them to the Hebrew calendar from the Nasa website. Any thoughts??
    Thank you once again!

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      Thank you Gary! As far as the dates of the Penumbral Eclipses, if I recall correctly, in 70AD and 135AD the Penumbral eclipses occurred on Passover and Sukkot! But they did not do so in 1492 or 1933 so I edited that comment out of the final version of the recording. You know, when you put this stuff out there like I’m doing, you get to the point where, there are things that you are just not sure if they having meaning or not, so you leave them for people like you to ask, and perhaps others to answer. Do you know what I really think? I think we need Jewish scholars to cull through all the research and see if they can find deeper meaning in this Lesson #5 especially. I have a feeling they can do this, while I cannot. The analogy is that I feel like I”m trying to build a sandcastle in the sand box of my neighbor’s yard without leaving my yard. I’ve got poles to reach across the fence, and buckets on the end of poles, but the whole process feels pretty clumsy. Get some real Jewish scholars on this thing, and they’ll have something looking really beautiful in no time — because they will be in their own sandbox using their own hands.

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    Wow!!!! Love all the history! I’ve got 5 pages of notes here, just from this one video. It’s sure a whole lot to digest. Wow! My mind is blown right now and I’m sorry, I can’t come up with anything else to say….going to watch video 6 now. Thanks for your hard work on all this; putting the history in to context, etc. It’s much appreciated. Blessings to you.

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    Linda Merchant

    wow, you brought forth a great deal of historic information. Thank you for the time invested. The more I learn the more awesome our God appears to be. With so many things lining up in the Heavenlies as well as on the earth I sometime feel like He’s saying “Can you hear me now? ” I’m so looking forward to continuing learning and acquiring a better understanding the roots of our faith.
    Thank you, Shalom

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      Thank you Linda. I agree that He says “Can you hear me now?” and what is amazing is that he simultaneously asks “How deep do you want to try to search me out?”. As much history as I crammed into that lesson, I feel certain that Jewish scholars could take this info and ‘go to town’! Go deeper and find more and more and more in these patterns. I feel like I was just scratching the surface of a gold mine. Get the pros involved and they will take it much further.

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      Hi Fred. You are so welcome! We all see in part, but perhaps it will add to the general understanding, and I am glad to see that it has helped in your case! Let me balance Lesson 5, though with another thought. Something Mark Biltz said is so simple, so prophetic, and so true: the meaning of the Blood Moons is to restore Christians back to the fundamentals of understanding and appreciating the Jewish calendar that He instituted. It has certainly done that! And someone else commented “and to draw our attention to the Feast Days”. If the Blood Moons had not been initially tied to Messiah’s coming, then this would not have been accomplished nearly so well. 🙂 I want to touch on this kind of application more in the Pure Gold course. Blessings, Bob.

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    Bob, I am totally blown away with all of your fantastic research and your clear presentation in this Blood Moon Class. VERY GOOD JOB!!! I am SO PROUD OF YOU!
    I have always said, “So goes Israel, so goes the world.” Your classes on the Blood Moons have more than confirmed that GOD IS IN CONTROL. I am so excited to learn more from the other classes of Root Source.
    However, I have a question. What am I going to do with this wonderful information? Well, at a minimum I can give GOD glory. MANY THANKS!

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      Hi Ron. Since you have known me for many years, and we go to the same church, I will complement you as the guy who first convinced me to read the Harbinger. 🙂 As for what to ‘do’ with all this, that is what the course “Pure Gold: When Blood Moons and Sabbath Year Coincide” is all about. Blood Moons is the Sunday course. Pure Gold is the Monday course — or at least I will do my best to make it so! And thanks for making me read that book, as it started a chain of events that led to the creation of this Pure Gold course, for which you seem to be well-suited! In gratitude and thanks. Bob

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