Author: Gidon Ariel

Published Date: September 08, 2017


In this Shabbat’s weekly Torah portion Nitzavim-Vayelech Deuteronomy 29:9 – 31:30, the Parshah of Nitzavim includes some of the most fundamental principles of the Jewish faith:

The unity of Israel: “You stand today, all of you, before the Lord your God: your heads, your tribes, your elders, your officers, and every Israelite man; your young ones, your wives, the stranger in your gate; from your wood-hewer to your water-drawer.”

The future redemption: Moses warns of the exile and desolation of the Land that will result if Israel abandons God’s laws, but then he prophesies that in the end, “You will return to the Lord your God . . . If your outcasts shall be at the ends of the heavens, from there will the Lord your God gather you . . . and bring you into the Land which your fathers have possessed.”

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In this week’s Haftara Prophets reading Isaiah 61:10 – 63:9, is the seventh and final installment of a series of seven “Haftarot of Consolation.” These seven haftarot commence on the Shabbat following Tisha b’Av and continue until Rosh Hashanah.

The prophet begins on a high note, describing the great joy that we will experience with the Final Redemption, comparing it to the joy of a newly married couple.

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