Author: Gidon Ariel

Published Date: August 03, 2020

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This portion Eikev Deuteronomy 7:12-11:25, carries a promise of Godly assistance in conquering the Land of Israel and blessings for following His commands. Moses warns the people that they will be punished for disregarding God’s word and reminds them of several incidents in which they had sinned, but mostly focuses on the good that God will bring them if they keep His laws. It also deals heavily with the bounty of the Promised Land.

Topic 1: Have No Fear, God Is Here
Moses tells the people that God promises to bless them if they keep His commandments. If the people live up to their end of the covenant, God says He will give them health, wealth, bounty and fertility. He will chase away their enemies and give them victory. Should the people worry that the enemy… Read More »

Topic 2: Lessons from the Desert
Moses reviews some of the Israelite’s’ experiences in the desert, framing them as lessons God wished to teach the people, like a father teaches a son. God made the people hungry so He could feed them manna. He caused their clothes not to wear out and their feet not to tire. Moses adds that… Read More »

Topic 3: Chastised for Past Sins
Moses tells the people to bear in mind it is not for the sake of their own righteousness that He is driving their enemies out of the land for them, but for the sake of the enemies’ wickedness and His love for Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Moses reminds the people of their mistakes in the… Read More »

Topic 4: Love God as He Loves You
All God wants from the people, Moses says, is for them to walk in His ways and follow His commandments. Only their forefathers from all nations did God choose for His own and their descendants for all eternity. For this reason, Moses says, the people should circumcise the skin of their hearts and open… Read More »

Topic 5: If You Do…and If You Don’t…
This final passage of our portion of the week deals with the concept of crime and punishment. Simply put, if the people hearken to God’s words, He will provide rain in its season and bounty in the fields. However, if the people allow their hearts to lead them astray, He will become angry with them… Read More »

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